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Top 10 Foods in the USA

For the week about food we decided to talk about the top 10 foods in America. They are;

1. Hamburgers

2. Hot Dogs

3. French Fries

4. Oreo Cookies

5. Pizza

6. Soft Drinks

7. Chicken Tenders

8. Ice Cream

9. Donuts

10. Potato Chips

If you have any questions on what any of these are, please ask in the comments below. Thanks!

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Thanksgiving Thanks

I’m thankful for what I see

I’m thankful for my family

I’m thankful to be me,


Thanks to all

Thanks to you

Thanks to my shoe.


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Our Planet- For Rachel’s Challenge


Here is our planet. We had fun creating it. Thanks for the challenge Rachel!



Jakey the Pug

This story is told from the same friend that told the story about the cat in the dishwasher. Her name is Haley. Now, this time we will be hearing about the story of Jakey her pug who passed away. R.I.P. Jakey.

“I was very little when I had Jakey. He was a black pug and he had an eye-patch over his left eye. I don’t know why he had an eye-patch because I was little. I had two pugs then and everyday when I woke up the pugs would be right at my face and my dad said that they would come in my room at night. He said they were guarding and protecting me. My dad also said that when I was little enough he would put me on the pugs and I would ride them.”black colored pug

This isn’t a photo of him but of a friends black pug.

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Cat in the Dishwasher!

image My friend once told me a story about her cat who went into the dishwasher;

“We were sitting at the kitchen waiting to have dinner and we opened up the dishwasher. Then our cat decided to go in the dishwasher. At first she started to play with the knifes so, we had to take them out of the dishwasher. Then she decided to just sit and lay in there.”

The cat’s name is Fiona and my friend who told the story is Haley. Haley is a very fun person and if you liked the story comment below!


How to… Comment

Here are our tips for commenting. Comment if they help or are useful!

1. Don’t comment randomly

2. Be specific and careful when commenting

3. Ask questions that are relevant and make sense

4. Add on- anything else you know about the subject, if you have done or like the same thing, etc

5. Add you blog URL to the end of your comment

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Online v.s. Offline

How are we different online than we are offline?

Kelly: I make friends offline because I like to meet people in person. I don’t make friends online because you never know who they really are or if you can trust them.

Rachel: I spend more time offline than online.

Both: We don’t share as much/any personal information online and we share some/more personal information offline to our true friends or family. We do this because it is safer to not share personal information online.

Kelly: We also do this because we don’t want to get cat-fished. Cat-fished over here in America is when people act different online and are totally different offline.

Rachel: For example, someone can act really nice online and be a criminal in real life.


What Do You Want To Know?

Here, you can post questions you want us to answer about ourselves. we will already have some information posted and please do not repost a question. Some questions we will not answer.

Name: Rachel
School: Fountaindale
Town: Hagerstown
State: Maryland
Birthday: April 18
Favorite Color: Purple or Yellow
Favorite Food: Sloppy Joes or Lasagana
Anything Else: I am lactose intolerant (a little) and gluten free

Name: Kelly
School: Fountaindale
Town: Hagerstown
State: Maryland
Birthday: April 14
Favorite Color: Pink or Turquoise
Favorite Food: Mangos or Seafood
Anything Else: I am also lactose intolerant like Rachel (a little).



Hello. We are students at Fountaindale Elementary School for the Arts in Hagerstown Maryland. We are doing the student blogging challenge and this is where we will be posting my blogs for that. Please let us know what you think of our blogs.

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